Nsandik's Third Level Man from U.N.C.L.E. Universe

The Broken Man Affair, November 1970
Illya, Mark, and April rescue Napoleon from Thrush. They only had him for a few hours, but after dosing him with new Thrush drugs, it was enough to break him. Now they must find out whether Thrush had time to plant any dangerous programming before the rescue. The "Crazy Russian" has his own ideas about how to learn the truth.

The Nietzsche Formula Affair, October 5, 1971
Can two U.N.C.L.E. agents have a fun romp with a vampire? Decide for yourself. Dmitri and Pyotr believe they are vampires. Napoleon and Illya are not so sure. But Thrush's Dr. Egret only cares about finding what gives them superhuman strength. They have captured Pyotr. Dmitri blackmails the agents into helping him rescue his friend. The bad news: romping with Dr. Egret is never fun.

The Missing Dragon Affair, November 20, 1972
In two days, Napoleon will retire from field work, but an aging Waverly sends him out alone on a rookie's errand to collect new agents from the airport. On the way back, someone ambushes the bus, kills half the recruits and captures the rest. They take Solo, too.Thrush denies responsibility. Illya must suppress his anger and focus on a rescue, with the help of their old friends, Tuula, Dennis, Avery and Misha, and some new friends found on Channel R. Meanwhile, Waverly struggles with the downside of getting older.

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